Offre de contrat post-doc

EthoS (Univ. Caen) et Sebio (Univ. du Havre) recrutent un post-doc pour 2 ans à partir de janvier 2021.
Ethos Sebio

Offre de contrat post-doc de janvier 2021 à décembre 2022

Employment: Contract Researcher (Post-Doctoral)

Duration: 12 Months renewable once (~January 1rst 2021- December 31rst 2022 according to the sanitary situation)
Salary: ~2000€ net/month (3800€ gross loaded, 2657€ gross unloaded)
Level required: PhD in Biology
Main field of science: Biology, Ethology
Keywords: behavioural biology; nervous and hormonal physiology; marine invertebrates
Deadline for application: 30/10/2020
Function: Research and Development
Employing organization: Université de Caen Normandie (1 year) and Université du Havre Normandie (1 year, but the recruited researcher will stay in Caen), France

Context: This contract is within the framework of a collaboration between the research unit Environmental Stresses and BIOsurveillance of Aquatic Environments (SEBIO) of the University of Le Havre Normandy and the research unit Animal and Human Ethology (EthoS) of the University of Caen Normandy. It will be an integral part of the project "Reduction of endocrine disruptor pollution at source: provision of innovative tools" (RedPol) supported by the European program INTERREG VA France (Channel) England started in July 2020. This program brings together companies and universities from Normandy (Caen and Le Havre) and England (Portsmouth, Chichester and Brighton) in order to propose and implement functional tools to assess the impact of endocrine disruptors.

Position and missions: The recruited researcher will have to contribute to the development and validation of tools to assess the effect of endocrine disruptors on the behaviours of marine invertebrates (crustacean and cephalopod). Furthermore, he/she will study colour changes at the individual level (camouflage) or at the organ level (skin, cuticle).
His/her missions will be:

  • Project documentation and communication (consortium, scientific community, public)
  • Development and validation of standardized behavioural devices (for crabs and cuttlefish) in collaboration with the manufacturer society.
  • In vivo testing of the behavioural effects of a few molecules identified as endocrine disruptors (locomotion, camouflage).
  • In vitro testing of the effects of these molecules on the activity of chromatophores.

Profile (eligibility criteria): PhD degree (max. 5 years ago) in Biology with as strong experience in Neuroethology and/or invertebrate Physiology (nervous system or endocrinology) including strong knowledge and skills in biostatistics. International mobility would be a plus.

Contact: Please send your complete application (letter of application, CV, list of publications, names of at least two academic references) in a single pdf-file before the 30th of october 2020 to Dr. Cécile Bellanger (cecile [dot] bellangeratunicaen [dot] fr) and Dr. Thomas Knigge (thomas [dot] kniggeatuniv-lehavre [dot] fr). Expenses incurred in attending interviews cannot be reimbursed.

Offre contrat post-doc EthoS Sebio - (351.46 Ko)