HETI 2018

The 16th international congress of equine facilitated programms wil take place in Dublin, Ireland.
16th HETI international congress

Martine Hausberger participera à ce colloque le jeudi 28 juin 2018

Martine Hausberger

Thursday 28th June
Talk title: Equines and Equine Assisted Activities – Maintaining Their Welfare and Well-being – the Challenges and the Solutions

Martine is a Research scientist at CNRS since 1986 at the University of Rennes, Head of the Ethology department from 1999 to 2014, Head of the French national network of ethologists since 2008 and President of the International Ethological Conference in Rennes in 2009. Since 1986, Martine has been Director of Research in the University of Rennes, France, and has published over 156 publications.
Martine holds a PhD and Doctorate of Science and has carried out extensive research on the relationship between horses and humans and horse welfare. Her research has also focused on the impact of early experiences and in particular social experiences on social and cognitive development in horses. In addition, Martine has presented at numerous international conferences on the horse human relationship.
Martine currently supervises a team of 6 staff scientists working on the human-horse relationship and welfare issues in horses.